Three reasons Barca was a good draw. No really.

For those that don’t know, GOA plays off a TV show: the Sons of Anarchy. The premise of the show is a California motorcycle gang.  Men that become brothers by banding together of their own accord in a shared belief in, and dedication and loyalty to, the Club.  Together they are stronger and every challenge is an opportunity to increase the Club’s power.  Arsenal is our Club. Barca is our challenge.  Champions League victory is our power.  And playing Barca might be a blessing in disguise for our boys. Not only can we beat Barca, this win is the step we need to go to the next level. It’s time. And I’ve got three reasons why.

Now, some of my fellow Gunner’s felt their hearts squeeze a bit after the draw.  But not mine. Although I would prefer playing Bordeaux or CSKA, I don’t trust Lyon, and Barca doesn’t scare me. I want to beat Barca to win the Champions League; that’s how you scare other teams, by beating the best. So why is Barca good for us?  Three reasons:

1. Mental state.  We need a win over a big team to take us to that level.  By beating Barca, we’ll know we have the stuff to beat everyone, in any competition.  Beating bordeaux just wouldn’t count.  If we want to play with the big boys we have to show that we are a serious contender.  I’m tired, and so are the players, of being the “not quite” team.  Barca fears no one, neither should we.  This is how it happens.  Defeat Barca and we become the favorites.

2. Our game. Barca plays our game, which means how we play, as opposed to how they play, will matter more.  And yes, we can compete with Barca. Like any team, they have their weaknesses and the truth is they are not as powerful as last year.  Losing Eto’o was a foolish ego move on their part.  I even like our back four against them, there I said it.  We’re faster, stronger and growing in maturity right now. This game will let us continue to develop like in the way we want.  Also, we have no mental boogeyman with them.

3. Focus. Playing lesser teams lulls one into a false sense of accomplishment. Especially at our young age, pressure builds maturity and keeps the team on track.  The Barca draw requires our complete attention. That’s a good thing because we can’t afford to lose our focus for the rest of the season, either in the EPL or the Champions League.

Yours in belief

– the student


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  1. wow….very good points amigo. i think you’re right, we need a win over a big team to take us over the hump. my only worry is the centre back situation. if Gallas isn’t back in time, i’m not sure how sol or silvestre can cope against barca. hopefully we can pull through, fingers crossed. it would be a HUGE statement.

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