Melo, Arsenal, the summer transfer season and the Arshavin transfer

The rumbling in Italy is getting louder. The Melo transfer to Juventus was a disaster: Juve knows it and so does Melo.  They play him as an attacking midfielder.  What’s that all about? The problem isn’t señor Melo; it’s the debacle that is the Juve hierarchy this year.  Talk about clueless.   Juve is a disaster.  This bodes well for Arsenal fans though because Monsignior is in love with Melo and he’s right to be.  We should all want Melo on his way to the Emirates next year.

It’s not hard to do “what ifs” on a blog.  But if Melo had come to Arsenal last summer we would be leading the EPL now with wins over chelsea and manu; and, Arsene’s vision would be leveling everything in it’s path. Why? Because Melo is exactly what we need. A DM with maturity and the leadership that can play with Fab. Putting him in the backfield in front of the final four is exactly the balance between technique and power we have been looking for.

But now we have to wait a summer before the Arsenal introduce a new pain on the EPL. Make no mistake. Fab is gonna stay next year regardless of this season’s trophies, but absent a Melo summer signing, he’s gone the next unless we win a trophy.

The most fun will be signing Melo.  Things are gonna get crazy.  Rumors have Juve asking for RVP in return. This is highly unlikely, unless Arsene is worried about RVP’s ability to stay uninjured, in which case keep an eye out for a big forward signing. No, I think if we get Melo we might see the departure of the little Russian. This is horrid since I love having a Russian on our team, in any position. But Arshavin has been making odd grumbling noises about England and the EPL. And a swap of Arshavin for Melo wouldn’t hurt us. We can still play a 4-1-2-1-2. Imagine Melo then Diaby and Nasri then two forwards. With Rosicky, Ramsey, Eboue subbing. It’s lovely!

In any case, a Melo purchase means that we don’t need to go out and purchase a whole bunch of new players.  One purchase in the midfield solidifies the team.  Add a new goal keeper and the team for 2010-2011 is a done deal without massive expenditures.  And we all know Arsene loves that.  So here’s looking for Melo in the summer and the 2009 team that should have been.


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