A Beautiful Mind

Watching Jose Mourinho’s classy exit from the bridge was a good reminder that football geniuses are in short supply.  I (and others who admit to it) feel like idiots for questioning his 4-3-3 line-up.  And this made me stop and think: maybe I’m being too hard on our genius. 

Wenger, like Mourinho, makes waves everytime he opens his mouth.   But, more importantly he makes TEAMS.   Not like RM’s experiment in superstardom.  Yesterday’s match gives me hope that Wenger’s young crop of talent will make history too because TEAMS have lasting power.   Look at ManUtd under Fergie.  There is no question that ManUtd is a team.  That is the main reason for their success. 

But, Chelsea, without Mourinho, looked like a chicken with its head cut off.  Their place in the table is inconsequential.  Even if they win the title this season, there is no question that they’re a team that is  sliding from whence they came due to aged talent and no real academy. 

Teams that win titles have a manager who has a stronger personality then the players.  Ancelloti is not a strong personality and his unblinking stupor looked bad for Chelsea as they got their asses handed to them.  Arsenal, although our immaturity drives me crazy, is a team that is growing together.  We may not win this season’s battles, but we are winning the war.

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  1. But how many casualties(in silverware) are you willing to sustain to fight the good fight? But suffering does build character…

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