The Tale of Two Teams

Was today an empty win? No, but, I’m disappointed anyway.  Why? Because the only thing I cared about today was watching Nasri in the wake of  Tuesday’s Porto match.  Unfortuantely, this match was a physical clusterf*ck that probably doesn’t warrant much examination. So get ready for a tirade about how good we could be without Fab.No one doubts that Fab is fabulous.  It is also true that his creativity might have led to another goal in this game.  However, we might have also conceded another goal because Fab draws everybody into the offensive fray.  Contrast that with Nasri.  Few people would disagree that Nasri is more balanced in terms of offensive and defensive tendencies.  He gets back faster and sacrifices his body more.  To put it bluntly, I think Nasri is more of an all-around midfielder.

Of course, Fab is an offensive magician.  But so is Arshavin.  And so is Nasri when you give him the ball and tell him to take charge.  And Nasri’s offensive/defensive balance affects the rest of the team.  You get the trickster element PLUS a tough defender who grits his teeth and cracks some skulls.  People follow his lead and get back on D.  Notice that we didn’t get caught on the counter attack in the last two matches!  The counterattack has been the bane of our existence under a Fabregas led team because we overcommit up front.  Nasri is the perfect antidote.

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