A plea to change the system.

Champions League Game time!!! And we have a crazy amount of injuries, but you know what, so what?  We’ve become accustomed to this by now.  But this game is a chance for Arsene to switch up our system in mid-season.  With RVP, Arshavin, Eduardo, Almunia and Song out, the Porto game is a great chance to implement a new kind of football under the guise of injury.  Drop the 4-3-3 Arsene and lets go 4-4-2.

Right now we play a beautiful game, with wonderful play.  Unfortunately, injuries have decimated our front line and, big Clubs know how to soak up our pressure than kill us on a counter-attack.  What’s worse? We’ve been forced to play people out of position and when injured creating even more injuries for key players like Fab, Diaby, Denilson and now Arshavin.

But Arsene can end this all right now.  With Song gone, we’ve lost our steadfast defensive presence.  While he was at the ACN we compensated, but now we’ve lost Arshavin as well -so we’re shackled at the front too.  But this an opportunity.  Arsene has a fantastic chance to change our system under the guise of necessity.  Forget throwing players forward, lets adopt a more defensive approach.

Put in four midfielders and let them play as midfielders.  I want our starting midfield for the next game to be: Rosicky/Denilson, Diaby, Fab, Denilson/Nasri or something like that.  Lets hold off on the attacking free flowing football and focus on crunch time defense.

And upfront, lets go with just two. Just Bendtner and Vela; with Walcott (shudder) as a sub.  Fab will already being playing high, so it’s not like they won’t have support.  And Rosicky or Nasri can make runs, with Diaby bombing forward as needed.  And lets be honest, Diaby and Song are the only players that actually run the entire pitch.

This might not be as pretty, but it would be effective.  It would also leverage the strengths we do have.  High quality players in their natural positions, set up to compensate for weaknesses in our current system.  I’m tired of trying to outscore opponents, I’m good with a 1-0 win.  We’re going to play the Italians soon anyway.

-the student


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