It’s Final–Wenger needs to Retool

All the Saints are marching, but the Gunners are low on gun powder.  As Americans, Sunday’s Superbowl injected the free world’s psyche with a dizzying array of underdog heroism.  But for Gooners, Sunday proved the critics right. Yesterday’s lackluster display at Stamford Bridge serves as a reminder that the professor needs to call upon his football acumen and engage in some serious retooling.  It goes without saying that it’s not just HOW you win that matters, but that gooners care about WINNING too.  Let’s recap: Did Arsenal dominate possession? Check.  Did Arsenal complete endless passes in the attacking half? Check.  BUT, did Arsenal score any goals or really threaten Chelsea’s keeper? NO.  Just as seen in last week’s dismal display, our goal scoring prowess didn’t deliver and our back line got caught too far forward.  We therefore got beat on the counter attack.  A+B=C.  This fantasy that Fab and company will always dominate the ground game is illusory and unrealisitic against top defenses.  Furthermore, without a real aerial threat (sorry Bendtner) we have no chance of scoring on set pieces.  This was made evident when we wasted 7+ corners and countless crosses.

In conclusion: we don’t have to be chalk full of football genius to observe that all our losses result from similar deficits.  The future development of this team depends on personnel change and restructuring.   The Arsenal is screaming for silverware whether or not the grand experiment looks pretty.  Let’s rely on the academy tomorrow, but get some Ws today.

signing off,

the pundit


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