Merida fears for future after Arsene signs the entire U-12 squad of Zimbabwe.

Please Arsene, buy someone because I’m bored and this means I’m ranting.  This transfer window has been so lame.  To date, we’ve picked up two players for the 2015 team and one player from the 2003 team.  But we have yet to pick up anyone for the 2010 team.  Oh and Fran, welcome to the big boys club.  Either sign with us or sign with Atletico.  But it’s time to manup.

I’d love to do a huge recap of our exciting transfer window to date, but there’s not much to talk about.  I’ve already talked about Sol, so I’ll avoid that issue.  Although the general feeling seems to have become positive with Sol’s return.  Senderos finally seems to be on the way out.  Good for him.

In the meantime, we’ve locked up our team for 2015.  Arsene signed a 4 foot tall Brazilian (Wellington) that seems to score goals at will and, just to balance out the Club’s karma, a Giant from the Andes right from under Everton’s nose, who tried to sign the kid under Wigan’s nose!  And might be signing a giraffe, the 6ft 8in Lacina Traroe for the 2013 season.  I actually quite like this guy, if you can, watch some of his goals, screamer of a leg.  Notice, however, that we have not signed Zezinho.  Zezinho where are thou?

Back to the actual team though, Song is still gone and you know what?  There is only One Song.  Don’t sleep, Song has become a world class player.  Lucky for us, nobody else seems to realize this.  Too often flash takes the place of value to the team, cough cough Madrid and Manciteh.  But we’re not blind to what the Song means to us.

Funny enough, Arsene has been re-signing everyone to long-term deals to lock down the squad.  All except for Fran Merida.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like Merida.  But I’m worried he’s afraid of competition.  He needs to sign and commit himself to his development at Arsenal.  As risky as that might be, Arsene has the best track record of playing young players at the highest level that are ready, even if they still need development, see Fab, Song and of course Ramsey.  With Song gone and Denilson questionable, Merida has a real chance to shine right now.  By not signing he’s preventing his potential use.  So what if it takes him one more season.  Next season is an opportunity for him to lead the team to Carling Cup glory and firmly establish himself.

Imagine Fran and JET leading the team in the Carling Cup with another year under their belt.  Yes, he’d start more at Atletico Madrid, but that’s because they aren’t as good as we are.  Moving there is a drop in quality.  As much as he might want to go, he should realize: if Atletico Madrid want him, that’s a step down.

Finally, the striker situation has just gotten out of control.  It’s not the fact that we’re linked to every striker under the sun, we knew that would happen.  But the Chamakh story has just gone ape nuts.  First liverpool were linked with a pre-contract, now Barca.  If he doesn’t come now, though, I doubt Chamakh will arrive in the summer -Bosman or not.  Arsene has stated his preference to buy during the summer window and more players will be available then.

So until tomorrow’s long, drawn out non-signings…

-the student


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