Blessed are us Gooners. Our Club is stable, competing and only getting better..

Frankly, an analysis of the Everton game is pretty boring.  It really just showed us what we already knew.  And, the transfer market is quiet in that spooky way that makes you wonder what the final week of January is going to be: boom or bust?  The real story for the first week of 2010 has been the ownership battles at all of the big English clubs save Arsenal.  And I for one couldn’t be happier.

Lets get the basics out of the way shall we?  We miss Fab; we really miss Song; Ramsey is great, but not quite ready; Arshavin is having a time of it playing up front and really needs a target man to play off; Eduardo is getting his confidence back, but he also needs a target man; Almunia is gone this summer; and, Diaby is just getting better.  Whew.  Okay.

More fun, at least in my humble opinion, is all the ownership talk going on in the EPL these days.  Don’t think just because other teams are having financial concerns it doesn’t impact our beloved Arsenal.  We need a stable EPL.  That being said, the general chaos makes us look better and better.

On the home front, Usmanov is continuing his boorish ways by buying more shares of Arsenal.  I think he drove the price up to £9,000 a share or so.  This puts our value at around £900m.  This value is actual low considering our location, London!  The fact that we manage our debt well, fixed rates to build a stadium, not finance a takeover; and, our debt is actually going down.  Lastly, and most important for the future, the Arsenal has not developed it’s global brand well.  In fact, it’s still lacking here.  Can I get some friendlies abroad please!!!  Building on its claim as London’s team has a huge growth potential.  We can outstrip manu’s revenues if done properly.

As for Usmanov, I really wish he would just go away.  Specifically, I wish he would go up north and buy manu from the Glazers.  He’s a manchester united fan by all accounts.  Then both sides can be happy -they get no debt and he gets his team.  As an aside, I have a forthcoming article on him.  If you weren’t a Kroenke fan before, you will be.

Besides, according to reports, manu is getting a work over because of  it’s debts.  Apparently their debt is owned by hedge funds.  Heaven help them!  Although the hedge funds won’t destroy manu and sell it into little bits, the hedge funds are often the siren call of death.  The loan sharks of the finance world.  The funds would be happy to see the team go into default then sell it to another petro sheik -way too much money in it for them.

Meanwhile, chelsea and mancity are living the dream with no debt, since all of their debt to their owners was converted into equity.  This doesn’t even deserve comment since it’s not reality.  If sustainability is the watch word these days, don’t even look at these clubs. Liverpool is just one ordeal after another.  Hicks Jr. stepped down after getting into it with a fan over email.  A fan!  On email?!  Now that wouldn’t happen to us, we’re too classy.  But wow, this is an indication of the debacle up there these days.  Terrible.  Although who knows, losing Hicks Jr. might be a boon for the team, bring in some real management.

So to close it off, we were lucky to grab a tie against Everton, but you know what?  I’m okay with that.  Apocryphal calls for the doom of the season aside, thank god we’re gooners!  Our club is stable, well managed and has perhaps the brightest potential in front of us.  Not to mention we’re actually competing for three trophies right now.  Things could be worse.  We could be Newcastle.

Blessed are us Gooners.

-the student


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