Four reasons Arsene knows who to buy. So splash the cash and lets win.

Arsene keeps talking about no player being available for the right price, but he knows who he wants, an immediate impact, high profile player.  One that scares other teams and invigorates our side.  I don’t know if he’s negotiating now or trying to decide whether to roll the dice.  Honestly, I think it’s the former.  Arsene knows it, I know it, and deep down you do too.  The time is right, buy Balotelli.

If Arsene is going to buy, he needs to buy a player that makes sense now and in the future.  This means not buying project, but one who can have immediate impact.  Logic would imply we need a veteran target man.  But honestly, there are not that many, at least not in the Arsene mold.

By league, this list includes. Italy: Huntelaar; England: Cole, Pavlyuchenko; France: Chamakh, Gignac, Spain: Fabiano; Portugal: Hulk; Germany: Dzeko; and, Brazil: Adriano.  There are a few other players out there, for example, Kiessling and Gervinho, but they aren’t ready yet.

Unfortunately, of that list, only a few fit the Arsene requirements of potential Bang for the Buck.  Cole can come if he’s desperately cheap, less than £5m, otherwise he lacks the technique Arsene demands, ditto with Pavlyuchenko.  Not to mention both are at London clubs that would hate to see the players go to north London.  Dzeko wants to go to AC and has made that clear to everyone and their cousin.  Fabiano would be a perfect pick up, but he’s been clear -no transfer until after the World Cup.  Hulk is redundant to our needs.  Adriano would be the most fun, but I don’t think Arsene wants to deal with the risk, as much the fans would like it.  So we’re back to four potential targets Chamakh, Gignac, Huntelaar and Balotelli.

1. Chamakh would have been perfect.  It’s too bad we didn’t get him before the season began.  Now, Bordeaux are leading their league and doing well in the Champ’s League.  They aren’t likely to sell him since they’d make more money keeping him for the season and staying competitive then selling him now.  They look to be a lock for the third round of Champions League with him.  Arsene would pay around £3m for him, no doubt.  But they won’t sell, not for less than £6m, which he won’t pay.  So he’s out.

2. Gignac is a real possibility and I can see him also wearing the colors.  In fact, he might even want to come.  But rumors have him at around £12m.  Arsene won’t pay that much.  And I get this too.  None of the other big teams would pay this much for him.  Gignac is good, but is he the caliber of Arshavin?  Does he have the potential to lift the team?  Would he have the impact as other players have had?  Splashing the cash is fine, but one must be careful.  Every purchase sets a precedent.  Paying that much for Gignac sets a bad example for future purchases.

3. Huntelaar is possible. But Arsene made an interesting comment about him -too many transfers.  Besides, Huntelaar is a bit of a confusion.  A Madrid player on loan to AC.  That’s a lot of interests to be sorted out.  AC is going after Dzeko, which means Huntelaar is surplus to requirements, but rumor has it that he’s part of a deal to get Dzeko, which kinda makes more sense for all parties.  In any case, this seems too complicated for Arsene.  But ask yourself, would Arsene pay the same amount of money for Arshavin as he did for Huntelaar?  Since the £15m number keeps getting thrown around here.  At minimum, I’ll adopt a wait and see on this one.  But it’s not likely.

4. Balotelli.  Rumors have it Inter wants around £25m.  Or £30m and Fab.  ARE THEY CRAZY?  This is ridiculous! This is foolish!  No.  This makes total sense.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give them Fab.  But I would pay £25m.  Balotelli has perfect technique, doesn’t need “game time” to develop, he’s big, fast and 19.  19!!!!  He’s a 19 year old that can lead a front line to trophies with the right support.  He is that good.  Imagine the goals we would score with him playing, and only playing, in the EPL since he’s cup tied!

He can have an immediate impact on the right team.  Our Team.  I think Arshavin and Eduardo might actually start to cry once he steps on the field.  He would open about 20 yards of space in the box and completely alter our corner kick pieces.  Fab, Arshavin and Eduardo would be able to dance all over the field.

There is no other player like him besides the untouchables, Drogba, Ibrah, Benzema, Ronaldo, Eto’o, Fabian, Dzeko or Pato.  He’s that good.  And right now he plays in one of the most racist leagues, Italy; for Jose, a manager that hates teaching and would rather fight a foolish ego war with a teenager.  With the addition of Pandov, Inter now has three target men in front of him now: Eto’o, Milito and Pandev.  This doesn’t bode well for the young Balotelli.  This is our time to strike.  Balotelli has even expressed his interest to play with Arsene.  Monsieur could solve this in a minute: move him to London, make him a point man; play him with Fab and Arshavin.

So what if the kid is a bit hot headed, what striker isn’t?  These aren’t defensive types: cool, calm and collected.  These are the actors and prima donnas of football.  What he needs is an atmosphere that brings the best out of him.  A strong Club identity that he can fit into, be himself and score.  That’s us!  And Arsene knows it.

Balotelli isn’t a veteran, but he’s so very good and still so very young; his impact would be great for the next 4 years!  He’s the force up front we’ve been looking for: young player, veteran impact.  He brings back the fear other teams need to have for us.  His purchase alone might get us through Song’s absence since teams would be so focused on our new front line.  And just imagine an Arsenal team in four years: Fab is 26, Balotelli is 23, Ramsey is 24, Song is 26, just to name a few.  Or just next year: Arshavin-Balotelli-RVP.

Arsene, got, what, £25m for Ade.  He knew it was a waste for Mancity, now he can make the world pay for their error.  Now he has a chance to stun the world.  Buy Balotelli and Fab is going nowhere next summer, he wouldn’t dare.  And in the future, Arsene can probably sell Balotelli for £50m if he wants.  But right now he’s the perfect player and Arsene knows it.  He’s 19, he’s only known one other club and he’s not a mercenary.  He can join the crusade and lead the line.  Arsene knows this and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s negotiating with all parties now very very very quietly.

-the student


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