Arsene’s blueprint for success continues: build a team, don’t buy mercenaries.

The West Ham game showed another step of success in Arsene’s blueprint of how to build a Club.  If the find and selling of Ade was a speedbump toward Arsene’s vision for the Arsenal, this FA match showed success is near at hand.  It all comes down to the celebrations by Ramsey and Eduardo.  Their celebrations showed two players battling different demons.  It also showed a growing confidence and belief by the players in the Club.  Together, these celebrations show Arsene success in building a team of players that want to be Arsenal players.  Indeed, Arsene has built a real team, not a collection of mercenaries.

After games, I like re-watching the goals to see how the players celebrate.  I’m usually too busy during the game celebrating.  You can tell a lot from a player’s initial reactions, their energy, relief, whatever.  You can also watch the camaraderie to see how the players celebrate with each other, such as which players are popular or friends.

Fab’s celebrations, for instance, might be described as efficient passion.  He doesn’t run around, no pounding of the chest.  He almost always runs to the crowd with his classic uppercut fist pump, screaming back at the crowd.  This West Ham game gave us two celebrations by players facing different stages of the game this season.  Each celebration though, showed another piece of Arsene’s success story.

Ramsey’s celebration showed a passion for the Club.  Following his goal he charged into the Arsenal supporters section.  Obviously caught up in the moment, he soon realized he’d gone a bit too far.  But still, he’s starting to give us the passion and heart we want to see on the field.  In interviews and on the pitch, Ramsey clearly believes himself to be a Gunner.  He loves playing for the team.  This is the kind of passion fans have for the team and when a player has it, we love them for it even more.

Granted, Ramsey was brought up a manchester united fan.  But that’s to be expected, fellow welshman Giggs is one of his heroes.  Yet oddly enough, that works in our favor.  If Ramsey truly seeks to emulate his hero, he needs to establish himself as the mainstay for “his” club.  Arsenal.  Ramsey looks to have begun to transfer that feeling to the Arsenal. Of being our Giggs so to speak.  Arsene fought to sign Ramsey, Ramsey bought into the system and now we look to have a player that actively wants to be the heart of the team.

Eduardo on the other hand, showed a player who’s confidence has been rejuvenated.  With two goals in two games now, this confidence looks to be growing.  Yes his penalty kick in the last match was a bit lucky, but he worked hard overall and deserved something.  The header in the West Ham game though, showed a poacher’s intuition.  Eduardo clearly felt his mojo is coming back.  His charge to the fans was a clear shout that he felt he was back in form.  A celebration just as important as Ramsey’s.  As a striker, we need Eduardo confident and aggressive.  After all the challenges he’s faced, he knows he has our support and he’s been almost desperate to repay it.  To be a Gunner.  The hack-job by the English press after the Celtic game clearly hurt him.  But with some time and a new year, it looks like we might just have Eduardo back and screaming the Club’s colors.

Together, these players show how Arsene has spent the last couple of seasons developing players and buying players that want to be Arsenal players.  Unlike the “selling” club fears that many supporters have, Arsene has worked incredibly hard to get players that buy into and adhere to becoming Gunners.  Arsene doesn’t want to buy mercenaries, he wants players that want to be at the Arsenal.  Today, we have that team and we can win it all.

Some quick final comments.  One, Song was involved in the build up to both goals.  I can’t overstate his importance.  He’s amazing.  Losing him scares me.  I don’t really care if Arsene brings in a veteran or unknown at this point.  Just so long as he brings in someone who can cover as fast as possible.  Two, I have to wonder how Eduardo would play if he had a big man alongside him to distract defenders.  Even if we just have Bendtner back and played Eduardo and Arshavin up front.  And three, good job by Vela, fighting through for Ramsey and the cross.  Let the kid play on the left Monsieur!

-the student


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