Take a risk Arsene, buy a veteran that can’t play in the CL.

Melo on the cheap?  Now wouldn’t that be an interesting situation.  FourFourTwo is juicing the rumor mill that Melo might be on his way out in January.  Wouldn’t it be funny if the Arsenal, ended up purchasing Melo in January?  I mean it won’t happen, too many reasons not to, but I started wondering.  What if?  What if Arsene decided, forget the C-League.  Lets go for the domestic cup.  We’re top four already and any player we bring in can play.

Granted, the FF2 report is based on the fickle anger of the Juve fans and the fact that Melo was called a failed purchase by Arrigo Sacchi.  Sacchi of course is not affiliated with Juve, that would be too easy and, well, relevant.  No Sacchi is the former manager of AC Milan (and Italy).  So his opinion definitely matters to Juve.  Yup, based on Sacchi’s comments, Juve, who spent basically 25 million euro (I’m counting the player swap as another 5 million) are going to give up on Melo in just three months.  Because the failure for this season is all his fault.  Whatever.

Juve did overspend on Melo.  And Melo should have insisted on coming to the Arsenal.  Frankly, we were a better fit for him than Juve.  We needed him and he fit with us.  So he would have slot right in.  I realize it might not have worked out, I’m just saying the situation was right for him -thus there was a good probability of success, not guaranteed.  So put those two wrongs together and you get well, the Juve disaster season and the Arsenal looking for a Melo replacement.  Life is funny like that.

But this Melo thing got me to thinking, what if Arsene did ease up the pressure on the Champs League and focus on the EPL.  I’ve already written how the Champs League is more important than the EPL.  That being said, I’ll take an EPL trophy, it’s respectable.  And if nothing else, it buys us one more year to develop the players and keep Fab.

This is important since Arsene noted the christmas magic needed to get a high quality player, that’s affordable and can play in the Champs League.  Basically it’s a fantasy that many fans have not quite accepted.  But what’s not a fantasy is getting a high quality player that can play in the EPL.  Only two teams that have fallen out of the Champs League have players essentially off limits from us -Juve and Liverpoor.

Juve won’t sell to us because you don’t splash that much cash then sell the talent after just three months.  Especially not when you can still win the Serie A, at least in theory.  You do the natural thing and fire the manager first.  Liverpoor isn’t likely to sell to us because then they’d be helping a rival too much, even if the money was nice.  Besides, we would only think about one player: Masherano, which we did once……back in 2006.  So that’s a marriage that ain’t gonna happen.

Nope, Arsene would need to look at some of the mid-tier EPL teams.  But honestly, there isn’t much there.  This means looking to one of the big teams on the continent.  France is the usual suspect, but Marseille is the only team we might find someone.  And off the top of my head, no one jumps to mind.  Remember, I’m looking at players that cannot play in the Champs League.  In Germany, Dzeko is a forward, so he comes back into play.  Plus he’s only like 23, so he’s good for next year as well.  So I kind of like that.

In Spain, welfare madrid has a couple of possibilities, although M. Diarra apparently was just taken off the market.  Besides, he’s off to the ACN soon anyway.  Gago, once again, pops up.  So I’m keeping an eye on him.  I’ve been tracking his game count -not good, especially with the World Cup coming up.  I don’t care what his agent says Gago is on the market.  Truth is, if we want an experienced box-to-box midfielder, we need to go to Spain.  The Serie A builds them down there, look at Melo.  Unfortunately, Fiorentina qualified (top of their group!) so we won’t get their MD, Montolivo.  He would be the perfect player -somewhat under the radar and De Rossi’s replacement on the Azzuri.  Had liverpoor not been, well, liverpoor, I would have bet money we would have picked him up.

I’m can’t talk too much about Liege’s Defour because he can play in the Champs League.  But for a quick digression, I have to say, I’d be pleased if we picked him and Matuidi up.  Although the lineup would be a bit small, the players slot in well with each other’s type of play and are tough.  In any case, he claims not to be leaving until the summer, but the thought is nice.

Nevertheless, the idea is intriguing.  A strong push for the EPL might free us to take a risk and bring in someone we might not otherwise.  Because a risk is needed.

-the student


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