Forget the win. Arsene’s rant means we have money!

The Anfield game was great.  We won.  But this game has me much more excited about Arsene’s Gallic locker room dress down.  Arsene essentially told the team, the fans and the world: the kiddie era at the Arsenal is over.  Most immediately, Arsene’s “surprise” puts pressure on the players in the locker room.  A pressure they haven’t had before.   This pressure reflects an increase in Arsene’s confidence that the team can handle the pressure, but more importantly -Arsene has just told the world we have money now.  Color me excited, the Arsenal is about to go to another level in the next year.

For the last several years we’ve been in this youth transition project.  People griped and complained, but the plan was in fact well thought out.  And frankly, most people didn’t really understand the plan. To recap: it required the Club to balance our finances while assuming long-term debt AND ensure long-term competitiveness.  If we could do it, we would rapidly increase our revenue stream, minimize our leverage and set ourselves up for long-term elite status.

Part of this project required Arsene to develop youth players that were cheap because we would not be able to afford more expensive players for a certain time period (that would be this time period).  As part of his development, he needed to coddle and protect our youngsters like a mama bear.  So Arsene protected them, he took the heat and created a safe locker room.  Fab would not be Fab unless Arsene took the heat.  He also developed a reputation for a culture at the Club for developing youth to keep attracting the young talent we needed to stay competitive. But Arsene’s outburst at Anfield has made it clear those days are over.  The pressure is up, performance must be had now.  Simply, this plan has been a success: we have great young talent and have managed our finances.  This means Arsene finally feels as if he has the money to bring in those players to go to the next level.

Yelling at the players in the locker room AND acknowledging it publicly (if not discussing it in depth) means things have changed.  Before, the locker room was the safe place.  Players knew that whatever happened mama Arsene protected them, this safety zone no longer exists.  Compare this to fergie’s infamous reputation and you know what I mean.  But at Anfield, Arsene sent a clear message to the players that the pressure to perform now has entered the locker room.  While I waited for this day, I didn’t expect it to happen at the half-time of a game at Anfield this year.  So why now?

Well, the obvious reason is that we needed to win.  But that’s too easy, we always need to win.  And, the chel$ki game would have been a great opportunity, not to mention vill(age) and sunderplace.  So there’s more here than that.  No, Arsene has made it clear several times that he has the money to spend and this Gallic rant was his way of showing it.  Let me put it this way, Arsene’s tantrum showed his confidence both in the team and his ability to buy new more expensive players if the players fail to perform.

Since the start of the Club’s long-term development project, Arsene has been restrained by lack of money.  For years, the Club has been falling behind not just chel$ki and manfool, but even liverpoor.  And that’s just the teams in the EPL, I’m not even talking about Spain or Italy.  But after this summer, the Club’s finances are starting to turn a real corner.  The transfer fund has the original amount £20m + the money from the ade and toure sale (£39m), less V2000’s purchase and we have about £40-50m.  But what’s most important is that the property sales to pay off our debt have gone well, even in this economy.  As a result, the team’s projected revenue stream is both stable and growing.  Arsene’s rant means management thinks we’re out of the financial woods.

Boys and girls, Arsene has finally been given the green light to buy.

Now get me wrong, I’m not saying we’re going to see a huge purchase come January.  For that matter, I’m still pushing for Adriano on a free transfer and pay-as-you-play contract.  What I am saying is that we can now bid on more established players.  We may not want to spend the money on a David Villa, but we can afford to entering the bidding now.  And for the Club, this means more money to get a Sissoko’s (at £12m) and even the upcoming Brazilian stars that require £5m for a 17 year old that hasn’t even played in Europe yet (Denilson was around £3.5).

No, this Arsene rant was a shot heard round the world.  Color me excited.

-the student


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