Good, Bad, and the Ugly Post Game Wrap

First, the Good.  I am pleased with today’s performance.  We conceded one goal to the best team in Greece while playing our B team.  It’s a real accomplishment.  Ramsey was my player of the match.  He dominated the center and made some teasing passes.  Also, it was great to see Sunu make an intro, however brief.  He is the future.  Fran also made some great turns.   Gilbert was alright.  Fabianski is talented albeit crazy.  I almost shit myself when I saw him dribbling the ball at half field.

Second, the bad.  Vela was bad.  He missed chances that were primed and ready.   As I’ve said in past posts, this injury fiesta is a real boon to Vela and Eduardo and they have the perfect opportunity to make a statement in the absence of Bendtner and RVP.  But tryouts don’t last forever.  They either perform now or get sold.  If it weren’t for RVP’s inane injury then I truly believe that we may have been discussing the sale of Eduardo to  pool for a cool 15m.  That would of made January all the more enticing.

Third, the ugly.  Walcott is my piss poor pick of  the week.  I’m harder on walcott than vela because quite frankly, he’s had more opportunities.  He’s also made of glass and the only reason we keep him around is because he’s fast and English.  But that’s not enough.  He is goddamn terrible.  A fellow goon from across the pond, a true gooner “through and through,” put the pieces together when he revealed the fact that Walcott didn’t start playing footy till he was 12 years old.  This makes sense.  His deficient technical ability is utterly apparent and his speed doesn’t make up for it.  But I don’t wish him ill.  In fact, I hope he shows up on a few occasions so we can raise the premium on a future sale.  I would love to see some club drop real loot on another overrated englishman.

That’s all for today on this match.  It was an overall excellent performance and I can’t wait till Saturday.

signing off,

the pundit


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