Bye Bye Wilshere and Walcott. Hello Capoue.

Today was a fun game.  The youngsters had a good run and did the team proud.  Yes of course there were some foolish mistakes.  And the missed chances were, well, youthful.  But all in all the “kindergartners” (Sammer -yawn) carried themselves like the first XI, dominating possession and giving the team a chance to win.  But this piece isn’t about a review of the game, it’s time to start moving some of our players on, specifically Wilshere and Walcott and bringing in a new player, possible Étienne Capoue.

Wilshere is too young to draw a conclusion on yet.  But he needs time and a heavy rotation to really develop.  He knows this, Arsene knows this, we all know this.  In addition, the Kid is a man without a position.  Fantastic control, quick in a 10-yard space around him and aggressive on both sides of the ball.  But he’s still myopic on the pitch and only game time will let him develop.  He’s also finished growing.  This doesn’t bode well for the EPL.  He’s tenacious, like a terrier out there, but a terrier that gets pushed off the ball playing with the First Teams.  So he needs to continue to develop his technique to survive.

While Wilshere understandably wants to stay in the Premier league with a quality side, a move to Spain might be better.  I’m not worried about him losing the terrier side and Spain would allow him to work on his technique.  There he can develop his technique in a less physical environment, allowing him to focus on that vision thing.

Equally important, the team needs the space on the squad.  Wilshere is taking up a valuable space on the bench.  Although he hasn’t played much, he’s still taking up space I’d like to give to a more experienced player.  Lets open that space up for a new purchase or give someone else on the reserves a shot.

The bigger issue though, is Walcott.  I don’t hate him and I understand why we gave him a shot, but the time us has come to move on.  Or at least to consider it, given our needs.  Yes, he has crazy pace!  But little to no actual technique.  Is anyone else watching him with the actual ball?  He can’t dribble.  And not only does he get pushed off the ball easily, he’s only useful when someone releases him.  This just doesn’t work for us.  And more than that, his finishing leaves much to be desired.  With Aaron Lennon ahead of him in the national selection, can we sell him, make a few quid and buy a DM midfielder and a beast of a Striker?

Seriously, he’s taking up a valuable space on the bench and in our minds and he’s regularly hurt. I don’t want to lose faith too quickly, but selling Walcott frees us to bring in another forward or midfielder.  It allows the team to move on too.  Okay, rant over.

Now take a look at this guy.  He’s Sissoko’s partner at Toulouse.  He’s a DM, he’s 21 and he’s captain of the U-21 French team.  You can practically hear Arsene squealing in delight.  If Sissoko is above Arsene’s price range, Etienne Capoue might be just right.  He’s bigger than Sissoko, a little taller and unknown.  He’s one of “Arsene’s Kids” in the making.

-the student


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