These last few weeks have been painful and I’m not over it.  Put the stoke victory aside for the moment. And bracket today’s youth exhibition.  We have a fundamental problem that demands our attention.

That problem is the front third. The student put it well: we need a predator. I’ll add to this equation. We need muscle.

This winter transfer might bear gifts, but I never believed in Santa.  We know Arsene likes to light fires, throw off the press, and twirl his beret as his unknown acquisitions blow our minds will moments of brilliance.  But we have such an abundance of backheels and pretty turns that we lose sight of silverware.

Let me put it straight: we need muscle. Call it a counter balance to pretty. We need somebody as big and ugly as drogba and his hairdo. We need a hired gun who will throw off pissant defenders and field the ugly goals. Fab and company should keep on prancing, but we need a bouncer to scream last call and smash some skulls.  Both at defense and certainly on the offensive.

More to come on January.  Now, off to the pub to watch the children school full grown men.

signing off, the student


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