Arsene needs to take a risk: Arsenal need Adriano.

Chaotic, undisciplined, prolific and an emotional mess.  He might be completely destabilizing for young players and hurt the development of the team.  He screams RISK.  He’s also be the perfect solution.  Arsene needs to take a risk.  Adriano is the perfect gamble: immense upside with terrific horrific season destroying risk.  There is no other player Arsene can bring in that will pull at our heartstrings with hope and fear as much as Adriano.  But that’s exactly what we and the team need.  Emotion, any kind of emotion.  And Adriano brings all the pain and glory in one package.  Arsene needs to take a risk and the City of Gods just gave us the key to City.

The basics are easy.  Adriano is what, 6’3 or something?  About 200 lb.., give or take his mood.  He’s fast, strong, great technique and prolific.  He’s also 27, well experienced at the top level and looking to rebuild his career, which means he has a chip on his shoulder.  He’s in full form just ending a good season in Brazil and can slot in immediately at the Champions League and EPL.  He’s an absolute beast.  He has the power we need up front.

Finally, he’s the cheapest thing on the market: free.  FREE!

Put it all together and he’s the best pickup on the market, hands down.  Of course he comes with some baggage, basically the man  needs a supportive environment and an understanding manager.  Jose, not the man for the job, but Arsene!  This is small potatoes.  A little man management and all is well.

What makes Adriano better?  We don’t need him every game.  He doesn’t need to carry us every game, we need him for special games, the big ones.  This means less pressure on the man.  We also don’t need him to carry the entire offensive load, we need him to add the final cog in a goal producing machine.  Just be our target man for the crosses and score enough to draw off defenders.  Arshavin and company will do the rest.  He can share the burden with Bendtner, letting the Dane develop freely, but under his shadow.

And it’s not like Arsene hasn’t taken a look at Adriano before.  Back when the Brazilian was having issues in ’07 he was offered to us in an exchange.  We said no -good call at the time.  But times change and Arsene never said he did NOT like Adriano.  Now is the time.  If we aren’t going to splash really big cash on a known-quantity, then lets spend nothing on this one.

Seriously, I can’t wait.  This just the kind of project the Arsenal need.  Adriano brings emotion and flash.  Someone that gets the media, blogosphere and fans talking.  A man that can galvanize the team in some direction and scare opponents because he might just go nutz on them in the pitch.

Plus, if we get Adriano for free, we can go after a solid MD and CD.  We can splash the saved money on more stable players like Moussa Sissoko (video) or Matuidi.  Sissoko is likely out of our tax bracket, but if we pick up Adriano for free, a big move for him becomes a lot more likely.  Imagine a January window with Adriano and Sissoko entering the squad.  Two ballers over 6 feet tall, neither cup-tied.  With one of them always threatening to have a meltdown and the other one a true replacement for Viera.  The starting XI would have a midfield of Song, Fab, Sissoko and forwards of Arshavin, Adriano and Eduardo.  This is the balance between power and technique.  Three over 6 feet tall, but the two shortest are Fab and Arshavin, the creators that open space with their feet.  And Eduardo plays his best role, the poacher playing off Adriano.  You can see teams finally being truly afraid of our attack and the defense getting steeling.  Vermaelen and Gallas can stay back or at least move forward with less fear with Song and Sissoko covering.

Alas, I’m not sure Arsene will go for it.  So much risk!  But the team needs an injection of something and only a bit of risk will bring it about.  We need another Arshavin purchase.  One that challenges the youngsters but brings immediate impact.  A purchase that adds to what we have.

I don’t want Dzeko.  He doesn’t want to play for us.  Chamakh wants to play for us, but relies on Gourcuff more than people realize and is a RVP type player.  Besides,  he won’t be here until summer at the earliest.  Cole is alright.  But since he’s English, they’ll ask for too much.   If you’re going to pay that much, get Fabiano.

Adriano is the baller for the Arsenal.

-the student


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