Thanks to Brazil, Arsenal will never be the same.

Since I’m in the midst of finals I spend way too much time avoiding studying and trolling the Arsenal blogs.  But today is about the fun jibber jabber -transfer rumors and purchases.   Arsene receives more than his fair share of criticism for not spending money, but the Outfit has been making some interesting moves in Brazil.
The two imminent signings from Brazil show that the Arsenal is making some signifcant changes to its approach.  For a long time we prowled the French countryside like the Resistance.  But this sudden shift to South America shows that our global presence has grown enough to begin to compete with the Spanish and Italians.  This is a big deal.   Attracting talent from Brazil is a HUGE step in the right direction for the team.  While EPL teams can and do attract Brazilians, the best often go to Spain and Italy.   Arsenal is on the precipice of challenging this hegemony.
Young Guns talks about the players, but the signing of Wellington (video)
and Zezinho (video) are much bigger than their talent.  This is a big step for the Outfit on the South American continent. Overnight Arsenal has become a major player, Wellington, for instance, was also a Barca target.  This means we can expect future signings and a long-term change in the way Arsenal are playing. Expect a more Spanish style of play to enter into the Arsenal style.  Sure, we’ll still have the EPL thugfest and the French/African power game, but Arsene’s going for a siginicant change to the Arsenal and we’ve only just begun.

Equally important, for a Club that always gets hit for not spending money, Arsene is throwing around the cash in Brazil these days; around £10m if the rumors are to be believed, for Wellington and Zezinho.  So if you’re curious where the summer transfer kitty went (sans the money gained from the sale of Toure and he who shall not be named) look to Brazil.  So lets keep the chatter down on that end.
Speaking of youngsters, I would be remiss if I failed to talk about what one rumor.  This one comes from Europe though -Lukaku.  I don’t know whether we’ll sign him or not, but he practically screams Arsene’s name.  You can see Arsene dancing in the hallway while watching game videos.  He’s way too young, 16, has more potential than God, and comes from a footballing family that seems to actually care about their son’s development, whether or not that’s realistic. My personal favorite, apparently he’s still in school.  The two languages he’s studying?  English and Spanish.  Seriously.
I’m already already sizing up my jersey.  Chelsea apparently may an offer for him, just 10m euro or £9m pounds, which might be a bit high, but he’s already starting to produce, can walk into the first team and, again, is just 16.
Some other names have been floating around; and, I keep wondering if we’re going to start a tap up controversy with Balotelli.  Nothing officialy has been said, but the rumors are growing.  Regardless of what the Special One says.  That’s all for now, have this annoying Final I have to take, more tomorrow.
-the student

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  1. […] But asking Arsene to go above these numbers is ridiculous for two reasons.  One, the players weren’t worth that much more.  Those were good prices for those players.  It reflected the right balance of potential, talent and their existing contracts.  Two, the Club has to spend money in other places.  For instance, we just dropped £10m in Brazil this past week.  Those plans were a long-time coming.  Some might argue that we should have redirected that money to the bigger name signings, that’s at least a critique in the realm of the discussion.  But the judgment is Arsene’s to make.  Besides, the Brazil investments go much father than just young talent.  This is Arsenal breaking into THE FOOTBALL TALENT POOL OF THE WORLD.  We had no foothold there, now we do.  So think of that £10m as a long-term investment beyond those players. […]

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