Didier shows the way, the Arsenal need a predator.

So it took me a day to recover from the game.  I can’t even speak for the pundit, he was a disaster.  Sunday’s game hurt, and it exposed us badly, but we have time to fix things, if Arsene changes tactics away from the RVP striker style to a more powerful forward.  Besides the replacement for Song come the African Nations, the biggest weakness is not the back right now, it’s the forward position.  We need a leading goal scorer, someone that draws defenders like Fab, we need a Predator.

Arsene.  Go get your young DM to replace Song, no more than £8m and I’m with you.  And maybe get another LB or RB to protect our defense, £5m tops.  But the big purchase this January is simple: a ball hungry ego maniacal forward/striker.  Drop the £15m and get someone who can play now.  Requirements: big strong, and selfish.  Please please please do not get another RVP.

The smurfs provided a lesson for us.  They came and imposed their game on us.  What’s worse, they let us have our game with the confidence WE couldn’t make anything happen. That’s what hurt so much, watching the game was frustrating because you knew we could win, but we couldn’t figure out to.  People will complain about the physical aspect of the game. Spare me, that’s a cop-out, we did fine.  Watch the game again, especially the begining and you can see, it’s time for a serious rethink on developing the potential we have.  I’m not calling for the ship to be abandoned, but a serious sit down needs to occur by the braintrust this December.

Oddly enough, our biggest weakness right now is not the defense.  While the scores against us last night were unfortunate, they did not, by themselves completely expose our defense.  The first, by Didier, was a top of the line touch by one of the world’s best strikers doing what he does best.  Period.  Don’t make it worse than it really was.  He’s one of the world’s best and showed why.  The third goal was Alumnia’s fault.  Embarrasing actually.  Everyone, but Alumnia apparently, saw it coming.  Only the second goal showed a break down -more from allowing the same type of cross than the own goal.  And while we had some issues here and there throughout the game, by and large the defense and Traore, were decent.  The smurfs didn’t have that many opportunities, they just made the most of them.

In fact, even the midfield performed fairly well.  Cole had a few moments, but by and large, Essien, Deco, Lampard and Mikel were silent and too busy soaking up the pressure from our attacks.  Denilson was everywhere and his connection with Song was obvious.  The problem occured up front. The smurfs out organized us.  This is part and parcel of the problem we had at sunderplace: no killer instinct, loss of focus and organization.  Just look at the half-time statistics, we were down 2-0, but had a 57-43 possession.

I can’t speak for you, but at one point I was standing in front of the television begging for them to just take a shot any shot.  Time and time again, we blew our build-up with over passing. This has become a pattern: game after game, we forget how to shoot.  The smurfs knew this and just focused on shutting down our game, letting us pass, but parking the bus in front of the goal.  Why? Because they figured out the secret to beating us -let us beat ourselves.  An organized team beats talent every time and that’s what we saw.  That’s what every manager has said about us to date, in the EPL and C-League.  So what do we do from here?

The transfer window approaches and I’m changing my tune, I want some glorified goal seekers.  I’m looking for someone with a chip on their shoulder; someone that demands the ball even when they shouldn’t have it.  I want a mammoth game changing addition to the front three.  While I understand the idea behind RVP, Bendtner and Arshavin, we need to change course. We need someone to feed and feed off of.  We need a big strong Ibra type player that Bendtner can understudy for.  Right now, no one can lead the line, not Arshavin, Eduardo, Vela, Walcott, Bendtner -none, nobody.  We have no one that occupies defenders, a la Didier or even (gag) Rooney.  I never thought I’d say this, but we miss Ade, not him, but his role, like Henry used to play.  We need that big player.  One big game hunter defenders fear leaving alone to take shots because they make them pay.  Add this player and yesterday’s game is very very different.  So I’m starting to look at the likes of people such as Huntelaar, Balotelli and even Cole.  But it’s time, the missing ingredient is the Predator, we need one.  Arsene, it’s on you, if you have to sell then sell, but it’s time to step up.

the student


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