sunderblah…arsene’s error

Bleh.  That’s all I can say.  When one watches a game at 7 in the AM, they want a bit of excitement and a win.  We got neither today.  No bad feelings to sunderplace though, hats off and a clap for them. They played their game, they didn’t park the bus as it were; and they scored on their one real option.  So they deserved to win.  So what went wrong?  Simple, this game was Arsene’s error.

On paper I realize the creative potential of Fabs, Nasri, Rosicky and Ramsey looks great -but this was a disaster waiting to happen.  Talk about too much overlap and confusion.  It was like trying to coordinate cats.  Throw in the international games people were coming back from and the creative energy wasn’t just lacking, what little we had was completely undirected.  Multiple lessons can be pulled from this waste of two hours, so lets get to it.

1. Arsene lost this game.  Arsenal’s bench is ridiculous: Fab, Nasri, Rosicky and Ramsey.  That’s an insane amount of talent. BUT, that doesn’t mean the talent should all play at the same time or that they play well together.  Bleh. Talk about disjointed.  No matter how you cut it, people did not play their positions, or even know where they were.  Arsene, I’m begging you, give the team an identity.

2. Battle-space midfielder.  I am going to keep harping on this until we find the engine to this team.  We need a midfield player to lock down the battle-space.  We need a person to link up Fab with Song.  We need someone to keep us focused.  A Matuidi buy is looking increasingly possible or perhaps more accurately, necessary.  Speaking of filling a gaping hole….

3. Ramsey. This game was Ramsey’s chance to really show himself.  He didn’t.  Granted with the 20,000 other midfielders out there he was lost in the crowd, but his performance was lacking.  I’ll not turn this into an attack on Ramsey; I’m not ready to give up on him yet.  But this game showed he still has a long way to go.  What’s most unfortunate is that this game did provide the opportunity for Ramsey to grab a spot in the starting XI.  If he had asserted himself, fallen back and not joined the circus clowns of other midfielders running around in circles he would have shown his versatility.  Instead, he stumbled about like it was his first AYSO game in primary school.

3. Eduardo. Disappointing.  But then again, his game is not RVP-like.  His is a talent that will shine IF we can find that special midfielder to coalesce the midfield.  Eduardo’s a poacher who needs the people behind him to be solid and create spaces for him in the box.  His little 1-2 with Song was sweet though.  Speaking of which.

4. Song. Brilliant, oddly enough in this loss.  He and Gallas were the only two that played this entire game.  Strangely enough Song was also the most threatening to score throughout the entire match -although that might not be a good sign.  Seriously, his improvement is stunning.  At just 22, Song, frankly has become one of the best defensive midfielders in the EPL.  His matchup, and I use the word with reservation, against Lana was a lesson to the critics.  He outclassed Lana at every point completely exposing him.  He was more talented, stronger, had better technique and pace.  His placement and shielding of the ball are verging on masterful.  Give this man a warrior partner in the midfield and it’s over.  I want a Song jersey.

So that’s all for that match, lets move on.  November appears to be a cold mistress for u.  But lets hope we get focused for next week, it’s a must win.  Too bad we have this niggling Standard Liege game, but at least it’s another chance to see the Arsenal.  More power to the Bay Area Gooners that showed up to watch the game at Maggie McGarry’s this morning.

Preferred lineup

alumnia, gibbs, V2k, Old man Bill, Sagna, Nasri, Fab, Song, Arshavin, Walcott, Eduardo


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