i’d like a sunderspecial please…

While the loss of RVP hurts, the loss of Gibbs is more of a problem.  With Gibbs out, the Arsenal defense is exposed. So whether the Professor chooses Eboue, Slyvestre, Senderos or even Traore for the left-back position, the team’s formation must be modified to compensate.  As a result, this sunderplace game has the potential to turn into something special.

With this in mind I’m pushing for a 4-1-3-2.  Although it’s a conservative structure, I think it might be just what we need at the moment.  Indeed, the formation speaks more to clogging up the midfield; a factor necessary to win.  Without Clichy, or even Gibbs for that matter, whomever plays on the back left is a weakness on both defense and offense (best bet is likely Eboue, but he’s a righty by nature and nurture).  The underlying assumption here is twofold: (1) lock down defensively so everyone feels comfortable, then (2) rely on our team leaders, Arshavin and Fab, to push us through on the offensive side because they can concentrate on just that -scoring.

I’m not a fan of this type of game all the time, I think it hurts our beautiful style.  I mean lets be honest, this is the brutal diamond formation imported from the calcio.  But necessity is the mother of innovation.  And one on one, Arshavin, Fab and even Eduardo for that matter, can score.  A 4-1-3-2 would allow the front three to really just focus on attacking while keeping Song back and using the wings to clog the middle to obstruct the inevitable counter-attack.

So who should play?  This is where things get fun, why the sunderplace game is special; it’s an opportunity for someone to break into the starting XI.  Yup, it’s an opportunity for everyone’s favorite Welshman.  It’s just his week, isn’t it?

Coming off his solid international performance, I’d like to see Ramsey on the right wing with an emphasis of helping Song lock down the back and winning the battle-space.  Assuming either Sagna or Eboue plays the right back, Rambo will have plenty of cover to flourish.  Nasri is a no brainer on the left.  He can run and cover both offensively and defensively on that weakened left side.  Not to mention, he’s a terror in the middle -no fear.  Pair him with Ramsey and we might be able to introduce an entirely new formation to our toolbox.

Friends, I’m not counting on this game to be special, nor do I think the Professor will adopt this strategy (fingers crossed he will).  In fact, I think he’s stick to the 4-3-3 (please no) with a lineup of Nasri-Fab-Song in the midfield and some odd concoction up front Arshavin-Eduardo-(Rosicky/Ramsey???) up front.  I just don’t think that lineup is the best for us.

But if, IF, Ramsey can get his shot. I think we might someone have the game to change their season out there come saturday.

Ever the optimist, the student finds the pint half full.

ideal lineup: well, just see above.

– the student


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