a yank in king wenger’s court

Watching rafa throw a hissy fit about any potential sale of torres exposes a core conflict between the manager and the club’s management.  And with Hicks and Gillete flying to the middle east and fishing for petro dollars, its no wonder that the locals are restless as they watch the mancs get whored out like a former beauty pageant contestant.

But just because it may be justified to burn effigy of Hicks and Gillete, I hope our brethren across the pond can give the rest of us yanks the benefit of the doubt and trust that we don’t all want to run epl clubs into the ground. Now for the arsenal: I absolutely believe that Wenger’s project should be brought to fruition.  In order to achieve this end we have to allow the professor to do what he does best, profess.  Now, as we watch Kroenke inch towards ownership, the reputation of the Glazers and the more contemporaneous combustion of pool makes us wonder all the more if we, Americans, should get involved.

This is undoubtedly a longer discussion.  I’m just getting the ball rolling on a major issue that is all the more charged because off recent developments with pool.  As fans we naturally fret over the fact that our club is likely going to undergo a radical change in ownership.  However, more than a change of ownership, the fear is that this will produce a change in the club itself.

Now, I’m an American and I’m a fan.  As a fan, I believe that the professor has, and will continue to, lead us to football glory and financial solvency.  However, as an American, I like the idea of Kroneke’s increased involvement.  The issue is his influence.  Tune in again soon for more analysis.

signing off,

the student


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