over the rainbow for rambo

We all the know the little welshman is being groomed for a major role in the midfield.  I would love to equate fab/rambo with xavi/iniesta.  It would undoubtedly be an incredible pairing, like burgundy and duck confit (that’s for you eletudiante).

I also agree that while the loss of rvp is BIG, we have provide a gooner shout out for rambo’s performance in the wales/scotland friendly.  He was instrumental in all three goals, including scoring the third, and had some great touches.

I wish I could find something negative to say about Ramsey.  But, like every other gooner, I’m caught up in the collective circle jerk.  He’s fabulous.  Not fab fabulous.  At least not yet.  He has a tendency to get nervous in the opponent’s box and disappears in the midfield when an opponent counters with the long ball.  Referring back to my post about diaby, I too am struggling with the balance between demanding perfection from our youngsters and forgiving their youthful mistakes.  Rambo isn’t any exception.  I realize that fab has 3.5-4 years on his future counterpart, but Rambo has to continue showing up if he wants to be fab’s iniesta or one day replace the catalan.

signing off,

the pundit


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