as if january weren’t already interesting…

RIP rvp (at least for the next three months).  I’m not going to cry over spilled milk.  I’m not going to bitch about the fact that it happened in an international friendly (I hate November)  AND I’m certainly not going to throw in the towel like the press has.

While i’m totally open to better ideas, here’s my immediate solution: if we keep the 4-3-3, which I hope we do, then we’ll have to play eduardo.  Contrary to “popular” opinion, he’s probably not going to ‘pool for 10m.  Even if he did it would be in January and we could get a replacement at that time.

Assuming we play eduardo, we’ll lose defense splitting passes, somebody to take dead balls, and somebody to take left pitch corners.  But, at least we have a striker who can generally find the back of the net and will show brilliance once or twice a week.

If eduardo gets a knock then throw in bendtner.  If bendtner gets another knock then I argue we either go to a 4-4-2 or blood somebody.  Or, if his bizarre goal scoring form ever returns, we can just  let V2000 run the length of the field and carry the team to glory.

Now for January.  I’m going focus exclusively on a top of the box striker.  Here’s my dream pick-up: gourcuff from bordeaux.  Here’s why.   For starters,  everyone is looking at chamkah which makes gourcuff more available.  I must admit that I’m not a Chamkah fan for three reasons: (1) he’s redundant to our squad; (2) utd and others are interested which will jack up the asking price; and (3) if we go in that direction I would prefer spending more for aguero or somebody who completes more passes in the opponent’s box.

Now, here are the real reasons why I like gourcuff.  First, he’s an rvp replica: he can serve as an effective withdrawn striker who likes to take deadballs, will be deadly on volleys or first touches from Sagna, and he’ll  feed others like its nobody’s business.  Second, he’s french (does that need explaining?).  Third, there’s less interest so any asking price could conceivably be less.

There are apparently two points of disagreement.  First, is gourcuff’s positioning.  Gourcuff is an attacking midfielder.  I concede that point.  However, I absolutely love how rvp passes the ball from the top of the box.  I’m tired of strikers who don’t pass and don’t run back.  Fab is a midfielder yet he also makes runs, takes shots, and scores.  Our entire team is multi-talented.  But just because you are a “playmaker” doesn’t mean you can’t be a striker.

Second, there is some disagreement regarding his cost.  Gourcuff  WAS (thank you for following ligue 1 diligent reader!) on loan from ac milan where he never found first team football due to the presence of Kaka.   We may be able to swap somebody (this will become clearer in future postings about our insane number of midfielders) oreven if we buy him outright from Milan, it may not cost as much as another top striker.

For the reasons stated above, he’s my top rvp replacement.  He’s 23 (“older”) and he’s comfortable coming into a new club mid-season and taking a leadership role.  He, like RVP, is a playmaker who can handle tough passes, put up a shot, or seek out arshavin, fab, or any other gunner.

There are certainly others and I’ll be happy to read suggestions.  But, I don’t think we should go bust for a big name.  Maybe I’m being infected by all the press we’ve had in past weeks about how RVP is not a “killer” striker.  That being said, I still think we should get somebody to take dead balls, to make runs, and who can pass.   Killer strikers are often cancers in the locker room and they get greedy.  I think we should consider gourcuff if the price is right.

signing off,

the pundit



  1. Pundit…

    1. Gourcuff is not a withdrawn striker, he’s a playmaker.
    2. He’s not on loan from Milan
    3. And there’s no way in hell that he’s cheaper than Chamakh

    You sure you got the right player…

  2. blanc: thx for the heads-up re: bordeaux buying him from milan. we’ll agree to disagree re: price (which i haven’t seen any bids) and positioning. thx again for you comment.

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